Meet the Madness


Brandt Fuqua, Owner | Sales | Marketing

Brandt handles all sales, marketing and day to day running of the business.  Can be found unloading the screen print press or manning the embroidery machines at times.  

Brandt has a eye for detail and unmatched work ethic.  Often found in the shop 7 days a week with only business growth or improvement on his mind. 


Shelly Mayes, Jack Of All Trades

Shelly handles many tasks in the shop including: Digitizing, Separations, Ordering supplies/blanks, running the screen print press, running embroidery and management tasks. 

Shelly has strong ability to figure anything out and is always up for a challenge. Shelly works circles around the rest of us and has no trouble doing whatever it takes to complete the job.

Erik, Artist

Erik handles most of the artwork here at the shop now.  With skills in all Adobe products as well hand illustration ability, Erik has taken the art department to the next level.  

Erik enjoys art and is always looking for ways to improve his craft and become even better. Erik is a super creative person and has the ability to do just about any type of design. 

James, Screen Printing

James joined our team in 2013.  Day to day James manages set up and break down of our screen print presses as well as sorting/shipping of incoming and out going orders.

James has a do whatever it takes attitude to completing a job and a great work ethic to match. 

Andrew, DTG / Stickers / DTS

Andrew joined us in 2014. He is responsible for screen output on our M&R i-Image ST as well as running DTG on our M&R Mlink and stickers on our Roland Pro 4. Andrew will also be helping out with customer proofs and some artwork. Andrew previously worked directly in our screen printing department. 

Andrew has a background in graphic design and we believe we will see some real advantages to that going forward.


Marci, Embroidery

Marci joined us in 2015 and runs our embroidery department. Responsible for day to day embroidery production as well as shipping embroidery products. Marci has over 20 years of embroidery experience. 

Marci is a machine and multi-tasks well! 


Gary and Bobbie, Screen Printing

Gary and Bobbie clean screens on the weekends which is a huge help to keeping the screen printing area of our shop moving forward M-F.

Always ready to help however they can at times they will help sort incoming and out going goods as well as folding and bag/tag for retail style orders.

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