We are known for our quality embroidery. Many shops will skip trims or reduce stitch count or even the size of the embroidery to make a logo stitch faster to save them time. Here we would rather the finished product look better. Many shops will also outsource the digitizing of your embroidery to someone in China who doesn’t even do embroidery. We do our digitizing in house because we care about the result. Get a quote!


Head wear

Head wear is one of the best ways to build your brand recognition. We offer a ton of different styles of hats and head wear from brands like Flex Fit, Pacific Head wear, Richardson Cap, Sportsman Cap, Outdoor Cap, Otto Cap and more! Don’t pass up on this excellent way to help build your brand and offer your customers a way to say “I am a fan”!

Our customers rave about the quality of our stitching and our great prices, let us help you stand out!


Jackets, Work shirts and polo’s

Great for employees and even retail products to advertise your brand. We can stitch just the front and rear or just one side. We can even add a personal name or even do thread colors different on each item to give each a unique look. It’s all possible! Our customers love the large high quality stitching we do on the back of jackets and work shirts. Many shops will do smaller embroidery which just doesn’t grab your attention. Not all embroidery is created equal, let us show you the difference.


Puff Embroidery

For a look that really stands off, take a look at having your logo done in puff embroidery. This makes the stitches stand off the hat and look 3D like most sports team hats you see in the mall.  It gives great dimension to an already great product. This process isn't possible on all logos,  but contact us to see if it's possible for you! Additional costs apply.


Fabric Applique / Inserts

Add applique to your order for a almost endless set of possibilities of custom looks. Shop with the original! Graphic Disorder was the first in our niche to start using automotive fabrics for applique. We Carry over 70 fabrics and can even custom order something for your project.  Contact us to see what is possible with your logo or brand!


Capabilities and Production

We have 22 embroidery heads in house. We are not a single head or single machine low volume shop. Our daily production is 100’s to 1000’s of items. Our operators have over 20 years of work experience doing embroidery. We have a combination machines in 6 and 4 head sizes which allow us to be flexible in accomplishing various job sizes quickly and with quality results! We have low minimums and do not charge set up fees when you reach our very low minimums!

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Low Minimums, High Quality, Fast Turnaround and great prices!
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