Q: How does the process work?
A: Submit a quote, we will reply back to you with a cost, time frame, and how to pay. Work will not begin until you have made payment. Once we finish your logo we will send it over for your to approve or make changes to. Once you are happy with the logo we will compile the multiple file types (jpg, eps, pdf, psd, etc) into a .ZIP file, and send them to you.

Q: How do I know what cost/level my logo will be?
A: Best way to find out cost is to submit a quote. To answer the question, logo design starts at $50. The cost can go north quick from there.  A average logo is around $150-200. We ask you have a general idea what your looking for, or a general idea what your NOT looking for. We can't read minds, what we might think looks good you may not, and vice versa. We are here to make you happy, but we are not going to do you 25 versions of a logo for $50 dollars, it's our advice to be specific as possible to ensure we can do what you are looking for the first time!

Q: Once you finish a logo can you do stickers or other stuff?
A: Yes once we have agreed on your logo, we also cut stickers, make vinyl banners, printed banners, business cards, flyers, t-shirts, and more. Basically a 1 stop shop!

Q: I have a sketch on paper of what I'd like my logo to look like, can you duplicate it into a computer format?
A: Yes, simply scan or email us sketch. We can work with it from there. 

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