Notepads! How cool is that? Use them for personal use, for your business, or give them away as freebies to your repeat customers. Each 50-sheet pad is full color printed with 70# paper affixed to a cardboard backing for maximum stability. Prices below include design by Graphic Disorder, printing, and UPS Ground shipping within the Lower 48.

-Maybe you're constantly taking notes and asking the same information. Let us create a "fill in the blank" type of notepad to jot down your potential orders. Just fill in the blanks for an "easy to refer back to" notepad. No more second guessing what "3 red 46inches TL" means--just FILL IN THE BLANK!
-We can print lines across to make things more ledgible, or make a neat checklist pad, or leave the middle area blank in case you're a doodler.
-Add your logo and contact info at the top, list of services at the bottom, or at the sides. We can print anywhere, so be creative! Maybe you just want the whole thing white with a faded out version of your logo across the whole pad. No problemo!

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