Screen Printing

We offer low cost, high quality screen printing and our customers rave about it! Get a quote!


Amazing Half Tones!

At Graphic Disorder we are known for high quality half tone and simulated process printing. No matter if its an actual picture you'd like put on your shirt, a combination of real and illustrated images or just about anything with detail we can capture it in our screen printing. 

Contact us to take your artwork to the next level with some detail!.


Size Matters

Many Screen Print shops are printing 8.5x11 or maybe 12x14 size prints. We set ourselves apart with our standard print size being 15”w x 17”h. We can fit that print size on most standard youth garments through the largest adult garments. The print size will really set your shirt off from the rest.

If you want to get really crazy we offer 15”w x 23”h at extra cost. This basically covers the vertical space of a shirt.


Crisp Spot Colors

Of course we can still print solid inks perfect as well. Our spot color printing is impeccable.  

A lot of shops do not take pride in their work and you will not have a opaque or aligned print. We pride ourselves on our shirts printed correctly. Since we print with a automatic press the printing will look the same on the first shirt as the last shirt!



We have several pieces of equipment to help speed up your order, such as our M&R Challenger IIID 12-Color, 14-Station Automatic Press, M&R Sprint 3000 Gas Conveyor Dryer for proper curing, Quartz Flashes for fast curing between colors, Registration System to help line up multi-color jobs in a snap, CTS Imaging System and LED Screen Exposure.

We print 1000’s of garments per day and we will be increasing that output in 2019.


Garment Brands

We works with many garment brands to bring you so many options. Brand’s like Gildan, Next Level, Bella Canvas, Anvil, LAT, Fruit Of The Loom, Hanes, Jerzees, JAmerica, Port and Company, Zorrel and more!

So no matter if you have a preference of 100% Cotton, Blend or Polyester and others we have you covered!


Ready To Talk Numbers?

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