Proven Designs That Sell!

Ready to take your brand to clothing? We can help! No matter if you just want a basic shirt or hat for your business, club or event, or if you want to take your current logo and take it up a few levels to really stand out. 

Often, many customers will have us design alternate logos for their clothing just to give a variety of looks to their customers.  This really helps your brand grow and adds more variety in your customer's closet.

Realistic Digital Proofs!

For each item we design, we try to create a realistic pre-production proof so you can see a representation of your artwork on the garment. This gives you a great idea what your final product will look like and ensures we are on the same page before we start making the goods.  Many customers even elect to use the proofs as a way to pre-sell or sell their goods on their online store, they look that good!

So whats stopping you?  Your apparel is a source of revenue for you, we can help you maximize your profit and quality.  

Hand Illustrated and Highly Detailed!

Do you have a event or clothing line that you need hand illustrated artwork for? Our in house artist can take your image to the next level and really set your artwork apart from the average shirt. The great thing about this is your artwork can still be used for other things as well like stickers, posters, flyers and so on. Almost endless options to use the artwork to promote your event or brand.

Head over to the Contact Us page for a custom quote. 


Keep in mind any artwork you commission us to design, is yours. The customer can expect high res files to be sent to them and they're yours to be able to do whatever you like. We create our designs in the Adobe Suite of products so you will need those programs to edit colors or make any changes you would like to in the future. Of course we can also make changes for you if that ever comes up.  Many Screen Print and Embroidery shops often "hold your files hostage" so you have to keep coming back.

At Graphic Disorder, artwork is artwork and if you have paid for it, you own it and we are happy to give you your artwork. Once any artwork is completed, on request expect to receive these types of files: EPS, AI, PDF, PSD, JPG. If you have any specific file type outside of those you require please let us know that prior to us starting your project so we can cover any bases or expectations.  

Check out a few examples of our work, but be sure to visit our Gallery for more!

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