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Q: How does the process work?
A: Submit a quote, we will reply back to you with a cost and a secure payment link. Once we
receive the payment and your ideas on how you'd like the design to look, we will start to work on
the design. Typically in 2-5 days you will be emailed a proof of the design for approval. 

Q: I am having someone else do my printing, can you provide them files to do that once the design is done?
A: Yes, but be sure they can work with common files such as .PSD, .ESP, .AI files. We do not work in Corel or other types of software, we are completely Adobe based software here. Just having us supply you the correct file doesn't mean they also won't hit you with a setup fee any way based on other aspects of the printing process. If you feel you are getting a better deal to produce your garment let us know, we would love a shot at meeting or beating the pricing you have. 

Q: I want to have you design and print our shirts, will this process be easier? 
A: For sure, since we are printers and designers we can streamline the process so you don't have to go chasing a designer for a file to give your printer, or your printer for what file he wants to have from your designer. In other words this would make your life easier to have us do both. Additionally we are very competitive on print prices, please contact us for a quote. 

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