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Q: How does the process work?
A: Simple, submit a quote, once we receive that from, you we will reply with cost, time frame, and how to pay. Once you pay, you will be put on the work list. We will then send you a proof of the cards so you can make changes and double check for any spelling errors. Once you're happy with the cards, we send them to print.

Q: How long does it take to receive a design proof.
A: Once you pay, you will receive a design proof in 1-4 days. Normally this is closer to 1-2 days, but we do allow more time for when we are much busier.

Q: How long does it take to print?
A: Your order will typically print 1-3 days after we send them to print, but as a general rule of thumb we say 1-5 days. For a Spot UV order it could take a 1-2 days more.

Q: Where will my cards be shipped from?
A: We print out of several locations in order to speed up the time it takes to get your order. We print out of CA, TX, OH, NJ, and FL. This means that most customers should get their print order within 1-3 days of being shipped.

Q: Can I split my order into 2 different cards? (Example 5,000 card order; 2,500 with a name, 2500 with another?)
A: No, you can not split an order up in anyway. Example, if you order 5,000 cards, its 5,000 of the agreed upon design. If you need 2,500 of one name and 2,500 of another name then you will need to order 2 sets of 2,500.

Q: I don't have a logo, can you design one for me? 
A: Business Card order does not include a "Logo Design". What we will do is use simple text/shapes to make you a quick logo for the cards. If you want to be able to get a full blown logo you will need to order a logo design first.

Q: I have a company logo, can you use that to put on the cards?
A: Yes just email it over to us, the larger the format the better. If you have a highly complicated logo and you can not provide it in a high quality format we will have to recreate it, there could be a fee for that. Ideally, your logo file would need to be 700-900 pixels wide minimum and on a clean solid background if its a jpeg. If you have a .EPS/.AI/.PSD of your logo then you should be in good shape!

Q: The cards I received do not match the proof you sent me. The color is lighter/darker. 
A: The proofs we send are dead on to what you will see as a final printed card. The problem in this case is normally the persons monitor. An old or incorrectly adjusted monitor will display the card proof incorrectly. To closely see what the card might look like, print it off on your color printer to notice any subtle color variations. We do not guarantee color matching. If you feel your card is WAY off color, contact us. Sometimes something could have gone wrong and we'll do our best to resolve that issue.

Q: What is UV?
A: UV is a coating that protects the card from sunlight and makes the card glossy.... we can apply this coating in any shape/design you like. It comes covering the whole card included in every order, but for an extra fee we can make it into any shape/design you might want.

Q: I ordered spot UV, Can I get one design on the front, and another on the back?
A: Yes

Q: Can you custom die cut my cards?
A: We can die cut in just about any shape you like. Contact us for costs. This is not a cheap process but it will set your cards apart.

Q: I order a high volume of cards, can we set up a deal? 
A: If you order a lot of cards, same design simply reprints/refills regularly we can set up deals for that. We print for several dealerships, realtors, and more.

Q: I got my cards but there is a printing error or the color looks different!
A: It's your responsibility to check any spelling errors, incorrect phone numbers, or mistakes when we email you the proofs. If you approve the design for printing, then we are assuming everything is correct. Although very very rare, if the color seems 'off' compared to the proof that was emailed, its probably because your monitor isn't calibrated correctly. If you really want to see how the cards will look printed, print the proof on a color printer. Things viewed on a computer screen are in "RGB" format. Things that are printed are seen as "CMYK" format. Blues and Greens will vary more in "CMYK" format. If your cards are predominately green or blue, please do a test print on your printer to check for accuracy as we do not guarantee any color matching.

Q: I'm choosing to design my own cards, what's the story on that?
A : Well, you can get a cheaper rate if you design it yourself. By doing this you agree to the following:
1) We will not tweak, change, or alert you of any spelling errors, any color differentiation, any items that might be close to being cut off.
2) We print what you send us so please be sure you're ready and do not send multiple versions.
3) We are NOT responsible/liable for any color differentiation, any errors, or anything other than the actual printing or shipping of the card.
4) We are not going to hold your hand and explain what the template means and how to arrange the card. This special pricing is for designers and people who understand the process.
5) Files must be submitted in CMYK format.
*If you are not comfortable with these items, then you should consider having us design the card.

Q: I am in a rush, can you help?
A: Yes we can print in a 24hr turn around, we can also ship faster or next day air as well. These things will increase the cost for your order, but we can make it happen. Keep in mind to also allow for some design time. In many cases though we can fit you in if you are in a big rush. 

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