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Q: What about setup/digitizing fees?
A: There is a one-time digitizing fee. Fees are waived on some large orders and some sales. Contact us to seeif you qualify for this, or to get a quote on your digitizing price.

Q: What is digitizing?
A: Digitizing is the process where we take your logo/text and create actual stitch paths for the machine to use to sew. This is not the same as having a vector file or cad file. Completely different process involved.

Q: How big can you stitch a design on a Jacket/Work Shirt?
A: We sew your logo around 14" wide on Jackets/Work Shirts. It all depends on the proportions of your logo. Contact us if you have a special requirement. We always make designs as large as possible.

Q: What is your turn around on your bulk hat orders.
A: 5-10 Business days is our production time.  Sometimes less though.  We generally give you a time frame upon ordering.

Q: Can I order just one hat?
A: Yes, however pricing on one hat is priced retail and applicable digitizing and shipping will apply.

Q: Can our club or company set up ordering in singles?
A: Yes, you can find that info here: http://www.store.graphicdisorder.com/Club-Store-Set-Up-Fee_p_1156.html

Q: How large can you sew on a hat? 
A: Center Front is 5.5 x 2 high. Offset front panel is 2.75x2. In theory though we can sew 270 degrees on a hat without taking it off the machine, (roughly ear to ear).

Q: Do you have a stitch limit?
A: Nope, some of our jacket designs are 130,000 stitches for the back only.

Q: Can you do "Puff/Raised" Embroidery?
A: Yes, sure can at additional cost. Note though not all logos will work for this, its better if you have a logo with wider lettering/graphics. Thin lettering or too large of a filled area does not turn out well.

Q: Saw a Fox hat in the mall that was sewn on the bill and everywhere else, can you do that?
A: Not really, that type of hat is sewn before it was actually a hat, in other words they did the embroidery before sewing the hat together. 

Q: Can you put web addresses on a hat?
A: Yes at additional cost, keep in mind though the smaller you go the harder it becomes to embroider.

Q: I bought something from another company, it was a mess, how can I be sure yours wont be? 
A: A good sewn out design all starts with a good digitized file. Your machine will only sew as good as the digitized file. Take a look through our embroidery gallery to get an idea of our quality. I put myself in your shoes. Would I wear that?

Q: How many machines do you have?
A: Total of 22 total heads across our 5 machines.What does that mean to you, faster production!

Q: Is there a limit on thread colors per item?
A: Yes, 15 colors is the max we will do per design, we could do more but come on. Most logos do not have more than 2-3-4-5 colors in them, so its never been an issue really.

Q: How many colors of thread do you have?
A: We stock around 70 colors, people ask what they are, pretty hard to display them all, basically we have all the normal colors and shades lighter and darker of each.

Q: Can you embroider on other things like towels/beanies/etc?
A: Short answer is if you can stick a needle through it then we can embroider on it, so yes.

Q: What brand is your standard brand of work shirts?
A: Dickies is our standard brand, we also can use/get Red Kap if you prefer. Please let us know that up front as we do not stock them.

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